Weddings are made of moments.

Moments vanish if you don't catch them.

In my approach to wedding photography, I pursue pictures I'd want from my own wedding, particularly those I'd want to look at in a decade or two, when wedding pictures mean the most.

I'd want my pictures to tell the real story of the day,  and to be beautiful. I'd want artistic reminders of the setting and decorations, captured moments that transport me back to the ceremony and reception, and lots of candids of loved ones celebrating the joining of families and lives. And I'd want to look really. really. good. 

This is the wedding photography I strive to provide all my clients, and I love it when they tell me I've succeeded.

How we work together is also part of the story of your wedding, so I strive to keep the process simple, fun, easy, and prompt. Prices vary according to the length, scale and logistics of your event. The moments we catch will multiply in value yearly. 

Please contact me here or email me here to inquire about available dates. 

'We were thrilled with our pictures. Nobody captures moments like David Gonzales.'

– Chai and  Jimmy

"Looking at the photos brings back memories not only of the fun and the excitement and the landscape and the family and friends and love but also of you guys fitting right in with everyone, making everything look impossibly lovely and magical, and doing such a top-notch job of documenting our crazy day.  I've never had such fond memories of being photographed before.

-- Katie and David

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